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Home Repertory Stylised Show "Ninja"
Stylised Show "Ninja"

Dance with swords «Ninjas»
Duration: 4.00


This powerful act leaves a deep impression in the memory of the spectator. Dynamic and full of energy, it is a truly spectacular show. Quick like snakes deadly swords cross and lightning shadows of warriors flash in the whirlwind of the battle.

Ever-present pariah among men, cunning, malicious and treacherous beasts, appearing out of nowhere and disappearing into the darkness, werewolves, possessing diabolical art of transformation and lethal martial arts techniques, supermen with no name hiding their faces under the black mask – the ninjas, which translates as “spies”. They possessed the skills of close combat with and without weapons, walked walls and ceilings, were fearless in battle and took dignity in their death.

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