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1. Transport

- Getting around Saint-Petersburg and areas within 40 km dancers are arranging themselves, provided that the group does not exceed 4 people.

- If the venue is outside 40 km radius the transport should be provided or any transport expenses both ways paid in full. The tickets must be received not later than a week before the date of departure.

- Inviting party also provides transfer to/from a station or airport, the hotel and the performance venue.

2. Meeting and accommodation

- А representative of the client, responsible for organisational matters meets the group at arrival.

- If there’s more than one day or overnight work involved, the client must provide a suitable accommodation for artists.

- The artists are shown to their accommodation at arrival.
- A suitable type of accommodation: hotel, two-bed rooms with bathrooms and toilets (any other options available are to be discussed).

- Serving of food: first meal at the arrival and then twice a day.

- Providing the required time for rehearsal at the performance venue is a must.

- Get the group to the performance venue 2 hours before the start of the programme.

3. Dressing room

- The dressing room should be located near the stage.

- Good lighting, mirrors, no less than 6 chairs, shower and toilet.

-  Ironing board and electric iron (away only)

- Paper tissues or towels, mineral water (still and sparkling), tea, coffee, lemon, sugar, sandwiches.

4. Advertisement

- Аll advertising and marketing matters relative to the performance of Asian Diamonds must be arranged with the group’s principal or his representative.

5. Technical specifications

- We use our own phonogram on CD or MD. All sound equipment (players, amplifiers, speakers) should be supplied by the client.

- Lighting: standard light plus PRK (some acts require specially arranged lighting). Availability of additional technical devices such as fog machine, laser) is discussed separately for certain acts. Professional lighting is preferable but not mandatory. Please note that regular light does not allow to fully appreciate all the luxury of costumes and effects.

- Stage surface: smooth but not slippery.

- The stage floor must be cleaned.

- No artificial snow or soap bubbles before and at the time of performance.

- In case there are other artists in the programme (fire show, barman show, etc), the sequence of performances is pre-negotiated (this is due to concerns with the floor condition after certain acts).

6. Payment

The payment is discussed in each individual case with the principal or his representative.

- 50% deposit is to be paid 5-7 days before the performance and the remaining balance to be paid at the venue immediately before the performance.

- The group goes on an away tour only after 100% of the payment is received 5-10 days before the departure date.

7. Work outside Russian Federation

- 100% payment in advance.

- Tickets both ways are paid for by the client.

- International standard of accommodation, 4 star hotel.

- Transfer from the hotel to the performance venue or rehearsal and back.

- Availability of daily rehearsals.

- Compulsory health insurance for the group members and insurance of the cargo.

- If work visas are required the client compensates all relative expenses.

- A contract is signed by both parties in Russian language.

- Twice daily provision of full meal;

- all work relative specifics are discussed by both parties separately and beforehand (the place, the date, etc)

- аll points of this document are agreed upon in advance between the principal and the client in personal meeting at the time of signing a contract or by phone.

- аny points of this document can be revised if both parties aagree.

- аny performance of show group Asian Diamonds (in the country or abroad) takes place with the direct involvement and in the presence of the principal or his representative.

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